Industry: Private

Employment Type: Full Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Kentucky, USA

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Online Transcription Jobs from Home

About Us

We are a research company focused on collecting data through surveys. Our team is committed to providing quality survey information to help businesses make informed decisions. As part of this mission, we are offering online transcription jobs from home. If you are looking for a great opportunity to work from home while contributing to research efforts, this position is perfect for you.

About the Position

As an online transcriptionist, you will be responsible for:

  • Transcribing audio interviews and focus group discussions accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that transcriptions meet our quality standards.
  • Working independently, managing your own schedule and deadlines.
  • Communicating regularly with your supervisor on project timelines and expectations.


We are looking for candidates who:

  • Have excellent listening and comprehension skills.
  • Are proficient in English language with strong spelling and grammar skills.
  • Are comfortable using computers with excellent typing speed and accuracy.
  • Have previous experience in transcription work or related field.
  • Are detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to work independently.

Equipment Requirements

To be considered for this online transcription job, you will require the following equipment:

  • A reliable computer with internet access.
  • Transcription software that is compatible with your computer.
  • A good quality headset with a microphone to clearly hear and transcribe the audio.

Work from Home

This online transcription job allows you to work from home, saving you money on commuting, and giving you greater flexibility in managing your work-life balance. You will receive an assignment by email, with the deadline for submission. Once completed, you will upload your work through our online platform. We pay our transcriptionist on a per-project basis.

How to Apply

If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to our recruitment team at [insert company email id here], with your CV and a brief introduction about yourself. Successful applicants will be contacted for a test transcription task. If selected, we will provide you with further details of what is expected of you in this role.

Thank you for your interest in this online transcription job. We look forward to hearing from you.

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